About Verte

About the brand

Our vision is to live in a world where everyone considers shopping second hand as their first port of call, before shopping for something new.

We are on a mission to de-stigmatise current perception of the second hand clothing market. We want to become the ‘go to’ place for curated, high quality pre-loved or unworn pieces and to create a community for swapping amongst a fashion savvy audience. 

With just 30% of clothing donated to charity shops being resold, over $500bn of value is wasted every year through under-wearing and failure to recycle clothing. By extending the lifespan of clothing by just one year, we can reduce carbon emissions by 24%. 

Shopping doesn’t have to continue damaging the environment at the current rate, we have the opportunity to change consumer attitudes towards purchasing habits.

Verte started in 2019 with the ultimate purpose to slow the impact of fashion on the planet by extending the lifespan of clothes. Having run events all over London for men, women and children, our mission is to help people keep their wardrobes fun and updated, without buying new.

With charity shops overloaded and the quality more varied, and online second hand platforms not enabling physical shopping, Verte’s vision is to help people get new items without driving new consumption.

Recently Verte has run events for Westfield, Deliveroo and Soho House.

The most sustainable item you own
is the one already hanging in your wardrobe! 

About the founder

Jess founded Verte in 2019 alongside her role as Marketing Director for a global real estate firm.

With over 7 years experience in marketing, she understands the impact this has on the perception, engagement and experience with a brand. Last year, Jess moved into a sales role for a tech & retail start up that supports independent brands, bringing their ideas to life in a physical retail space which reaffirmed her belief in building communities through physicality and locality.

In 2023, Jess decided to take the plunge and focus on Verte more full time.

Jess created Verte to take a step towards reducing the impact that fashion has on the planet by encouraging a more sustainable approach to consumption and shopping.

Her ambition is to grow Verte to a permanent swapping and second hand space and to build an app to encourage a wider variety of items to be swapped. By focussing on swapping versus buying new, she hopes to help the world move towards a more circular shopping economy.

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