Verte x LDC – Pop Up
@ Angel Central

01/09/23 from 10:00

Celebrate second hand September by visiting our three day pop up! Clear out those summer wardrobes and bring along amazing pieces to swap.

Second hand September is a campaign run by Oxfam every year to encourage people to not buy anything new for September. If you’ve never tried swapping, why not give it a go by coming along to our three day long pop up at The Angel Centre, in partnership with Lone Design Club! 

How it works

  1. Select your pieces – We are looking for premium high street quality pieces of clothing which you no longer wear or no longer love. Items need to be in exceptional condition and something you’d be proud to walk away with. Bring them along when you come to the swap! If you want to arrange a pre-event collection, please get in touch with the organisers at 
  2. Claim your tokens – Depending on the quality of each item you bring to the swap, we’ll give you a corresponding number of tokens (digital of course!). We’ve got a sliding scale, from high-street to luxury so no one loses out.
  3. Swap, don’t shop! Go shopping using your tokens as currency! We will replenish the stock throughout the event so that no one misses out.

Opening times

Friday – 10am – 6pm

Saturday – 10am – 6pm

Sunday – 10am – 5pm