Yoga x Clothes Swap
@ Oru Space

21/05/23 from 14:00

In a new collaboration with SumYoga and Verte, we are bringing you an afternoon event which combines yoga and clothes swapping! 

The yoga class will be run by Jacqui from SumYoga and the clothes swapping will be run by Jess from Verte. Bio’s below! 

Tickets are available for both classes and also just the swap if you’d like to only come to that.

Flow to restore yoga: leave feeling energised and relaxed.


14.00 – Yoga class 1 begins & clothes drop off

14.45 – Yoga class 1 ends & swap begins

15.00 – Yoga class 2 begins, followed by swapping

16.00 – Swap ends

Swapping will take place alongside the yoga, so feel free to swap before or after your class.

We suggest if you’re in the first yoga class at 2pm, you swap afterwards and if in the 3pm class, you swap before. Stock will be added throughout the afternoon so don’t worry about missing out! 

A bit about SumYoga

Jacqui has been practising yoga for 17 years and is always looking for more ways to learn, to evolve and deepen her practice. She has been teaching since 2018 and strongly believes that the attitude and temperament you pursue in your practice builds a bridge to what you focus on away from the mat. It is the movement of an inner energy that allows you to take what you’ve cultivated in your practice out into the world.

Jacqui feels strongly about creating diversity in Yoga – her approach aims to empower anyone to practise regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, level or experience of practice. She is dedicated in supporting you in your journey while also encouraging connection with those who practice alongside.