Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Bring along up to 5 items on the day of the swap or get in touch with us to arrange a collection in advance.

Your items will be checked and tokens allocated based on brand, condition and quality. We track your tokens using our online app – so sign up to this so that any unused tokens can be carried over for the next swap!

Once the swap begins, you then shop using your tokens! We will rotate stock between throughout the event so no one misses out.

How do I give you my clothes?

Either get in touch with us to arrange a collection or bring them along on the day!

Please note, we will only collect them from a zones 1 & 2 in Central London.

Do you also take accessories?

Yes, we will accept accessories too – think jewellery, bags, scarves, hats etc. We do not accept shoes.

What kind of clothes do you accept?

We target premium high street clothing. We don’t turn any brands away, provided the quality is good enough. The item is already in circulation so we’d rather it got more life!

We want anything you are bored of wearing, have grown out of (physically or mentally) or just no longer like. Everything you want to swap needs to still be in excellent, wearable condition. Please don’t bring anything which you wouldn’t feel comfortable to wear yourself or really you know needs to just be recycled.

If you want tips on where or what you can do with these, just ask us!

Please make sure clothes have been washed. We will do the ironing don’t worry!

We will review all clothes upon collection – anything deemed not to be in a good enough condition will not be accepted.

Will I be able to try the clothes on at the event?

We will do our best to ensure there is somewhere to try things on at our event spaces but we can’t guarantee. The good thing? If it doesn’t fit, bring it to the next swap!

Will it cost me money?

There will be a small entry fee to join each swap and then depending on how many items you bought vs how many items you find, you might have to buy a few more tokens!

Do you take children’s or men’s clothes?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our events are mostly focused on women’s clothing.

However, we do accept menswear but to give you a heads up, this section might be significantly smaller than the women’s.

We do also accept children’s clothes as donations, but are not currently allocating tokens to them unless it’s a children’s event as well (we plan on doing these more in the future though!).

Why are you called Verte?

Verte is the French feminine for Green and being part French, we thought it was a nice nod to our heritage!

Is this a charity?

No, we aren’t a charity, just a business trying to get off the ground in the way that is meaningful to the rest of the world.

What if I don’t find clothes I want at the swap?

In the unlikely event that this happens, just know you’ve still done something good for the world but on this occasion haven’t found anything you want to take home. However, your tokens carry over to future swaps if you sign up to our online app – – but please note, tokens can not be used to buy event tickets and tickets are still required to come and spend tokens at different events.

What will you do with the clothes if they aren’t swapped?

They will either be kept for the next swap, donated to a charity shop which is seeking donations, recycled at a clothes bank or we also partner with fashion students who are looking for material for their projects!

Can I take my clothes back?

Not once they are put in to the swap, but if you give them to us and then decide when you’re there that you don’t want to give it up, you can redeem one of your tokens for the piece you’ve realised you still love.

Are there any items you don’t accept?

We don’t accept underwear, swimwear or activewear unless it still has the tags on and hygiene stickers still in place.

We don’t accept any items which have rips, stains, holes or missing pieces.

We don’t accept anything which is overly worn.

We no longer accept skinny jeans or shoes.

How does the token system work?

Items are given a token value of between one to four depending on the brand, quality and condition. The below is just to give you an indication of tokens but items will be reviewed and token numbers allocated upon check in.

1 token

T-shirts, unstructured items, from lower end high street brands, e.g. New Look, Primark, Boohoo

2 tokens

Patterned items, more structured pieces from high street brands, e.g. Zara, Mango etc.   

3 tokens

more involved items from premium high street brands like Whistles, Levi etc.

4 tokens

Designer pieces from brands like e.g. Maje, Ba&sh etc.

Please note, the number of tokens given for each item is at the event organisers’ discretion and is subject to changes from the above.


Got more questions or just want to find out how you can get involved? You can contact us at or by filling in the form below. We’re always on the look out for event spaces, donors or people who just want to be involved so we would love to hear from you!