verte for BRANDS

Verte is joining forces with leading UK brands to help keep their leftover stock out of landfill.

By partnering with us, you can extend the lifespan of your clothing and, through our token-based swapping system, are assured that your products will never be devalued or wasted.

Let’s work together to create alternative solutions that will make the fashion industry a better place. 

89% of Gen Z’s say brands that take action that betters society and humanity is important in their purchase decision.
iD, 2021

benefits for your BRAND

Demonstrate an active approach towards sustainable fashion practices and commitment to environmental change.
An ethically sound way of clearing unwanted dead-stock garments and take-back stock without reducing stock value.
Our work is in keeping with your net-zero targets, CSR, and ESG goals.
A great PR opportunity: we help your brand actively engage with the climate-conscious shopper by placing your product in front of consumers in a socially and environmentally responsible environment. 
The opportunity to host a sustainable swapping event that is fully managed by us. 

What we can do

Verte supports brands with many aspects of a circular business model, from extending the lifespan of stock
to developing circular business models, pop-ups and hosting your own swaps.

Unwanted stock: production samples, takeback stock, deadstock

Pre-loved pop-up events or advice on locations and consultancy

Corporate partnership for in-office or in-store events for staff & customers

Think verte could help your brand?

We want to help your brand be more circular.

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