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Verte is a London-based clothes-swapping company whose vision is to encourage people to consider shopping second-hand before shopping for something new. By creating high-quality, curated swapping events in offices and pop-up retail spaces we are changing consumer attitudes and purchasing habits. 

On our journey we have discovered that as well as swapping quality pre-loved and unworn pieces, the events create a sense of community – encouraging people to interact with retail and corporate brands in a new way.

Verte’s carefully curated events are fast becoming the ‘go to’ way to engage staff and customers and enable you to reduce shopping’s impact on the environment.

Recently Verte has run events for Westfield, Deliveroo and Soho House.

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About the founder

With over seven years experience in marketing for both agencies and corporates, Jess understands the importance of physical engagement with brands – whether it be to build a customer base, create a community or drive engagement with the employer brand.

Subsequently she moved into a sales role for a retail-tech start-up, which developed her belief in pop-up experiences driving engagement. She built Verte to drive the sustainable fashion movement, encouraging people to have a more conscious approach to shopping and consumption.

By focusing on building business through physicality and locality, Jess is on a mission to help reduce the impact which fashion has on the planet through circularity. 

Our Story

the wider verte team

Verte could not exist without the incredible team behind it. Whether it’s family or friends, we are always on the look out for great people to work with us.
If you think that might be you, please get in touch!

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