THE Circular clothing company

Verte is on a mission to become the go-to place for premium, curated swap shopping.

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How it works

Step 1 – Choose your items

Choose wisely, up to five items, of those pieces you love but just don’t wear anymore and bring them along.

Step 2 – Claim your tokens

Depending on the quality of your items, we’ll give you a corresponding number of tokens. It’s a sliding scale, from high-street to luxury.

Step 3 – Let’s go shopping

Once we open the rails, go shopping! 
We rotate stock throughout the swap to keep the rails fresh for the entire event.

To ensure remaining tokens are carried over, sign up to our online app.

our mission

Verte is the circular clothes swapping company on a mission to de-stigmatise the perceptions of shopping second-hand and create pop-up experiences for all.

Upcoming Events

Verte for business

create a unique experience in your space


Whether it’s office space or retail space, bring it to life with a unique physical offering to drive engagement


Uphold your sustainability initiatives and commitments through circular economy practices


Marketing and PR opportunities to drive your business on – for employees, customers and shareholders

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